DWTS long gown dress Season 17: Week 2 Costume Critique

"Latin Night" on week 2 of this season's Dancing Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie With the Stars, and a new format with only one night per week this time around. I think we were ALL surprised to see Keyshawn go home. BUT, we just need to remember that it is a popularity contest and the best dancers don't always make it to the next round.

Keyshawn and Sharna did have the worst costumes, though, in my opinion. The windowpane check of Keyshawn's Samba shirt wasn't very attractive, but was much better looking than Sharna's white satin dress with matching windowpane hem and skirt lining. Ugh! I gave the couple a total of 13 out of 20 possible points. Boring and not pleasing to the eye!

Everyone else really looked good in their costumes. Who ‘Wow-ed' me? Karina looked fabulous in her plaid pleated skirt and dainty white leotard with lace ruffles at the shoulder. Corbin and Karina Jived and were theme-costumed in red and white, cute outfits. No border-line sleazy or skimpy for Karina this week – it was so refreshing to see!

I wasn't a fan of Jack's boring satin un-tucked black shirt, but Cheryl's one-shouldered bat-wing sleeved Rumba costume was beautiful and flattering, (including incorporating a black strap). I didn't care to see her belly button indentation under her sheer mesh midriff area, but otherwise, it was a top-notch costume.

I thought that Valerie was stuck in a Paso Doble costume that was too old for her, but Tristan was HOT in his double-breasted, short textured black vest with black lace-over-red shawl collar. His look was very dapper, and something most guys could pull off.

Something not all ladies could pull off, was Emma's itsy-bitsy yellow, polka-dotted middle-connect costume with really short, ruffled skirt, and ‘real' bra-back. She looked great and Bill E. coordinated beautifully with his ‘stoned' yellow tie and basic shirt, pant and suspenders (also stoned).

Bill N. and Tyne created a themed Paso Doble performance. I enjoyed Bill's wild hair and his Edwardian vest and shirt. I didn't enjoy Tyne's purple ruffled dress so much – it was pretty ordinary, presentable but nothing to get too excited about.

Both Christina and Mark were ‘large and in charge' with their punkish Paso Doble costumes. The ‘Queen' theme is recurring with many of our custom-designed dance team costumes this season, with our high schools! I really enjoyed Mark's take on an ‘edgy' tuxedo look, and Christina's one-side covered one-side bare look was inspiring. The mixing of all types of fabrics and trims really ‘made' the costumes. These types of costumes work on young, edgy dancers but wouldn't be so appropriate on dancers ‘of size' or ‘or a certain age'.

Another pleasing pair, was Elizabeth and Val with their Samba routine. Val has been seen in this particular outfit before, or at least something very similar, so it wasn't a ‘wow' for me, but nice looking. Elizabeth's monochromatic costume of all red was beautiful. Again, the texturing of the red fabrics and trims created pleasing details that gave her costume class and sophistication. I gave her a 9 out of 10.

And I'm shocked again…Snooki…OK, maybe I need to start calling her Nicole, as she is really looking classy in her dance costumes! I loved her Samba costume, and her partner, Sasha's as well. I gave them both a 9 out of 10. Nicole's black lace over white leotard was nice, and the white drape over and across her chest and then becoming an asymmetrical skirt was top-notch. It didn't over power her tiny body and you still saw her shape. The added black panels on Sasha's tuxedo shirt added some interest to this traditional look of white shirt and black pant.

I wasn't enamored, but enjoyed Peta's mid-night blue, Rumba costume even though the lingerie look was a little skimpy. I did like her dolman-sleeved, open backed caftan sort of overdress with the lace banding across her shoulders was a nice detail. I gave this couple each an 8 out of 8. Brant's outfit was 'so so'.

I gave the same score to Amber and Derek for their Jive costumes. Derek incorporated some color into his sport coat and Amber was pretty and presentable. It's just that neither costume was a ‘wow' for me.

Leah and Tony definitely used some great color. With Leah's hot pink over-ruffled confection of a Samba costume, I was glad to see a complimentary color (slate blue) for Tony's outfit. The narrow strips of hot pink cemented their costumes as a couple, while bordering on a little too ‘costumey'. Leah's costume was very wide – perhaps too wide. The saving grace was that the tendril ruffles didn't all end at the same horizontal line, creating some diagonal lines. I did give Leah a 9 out of 10 (with some reservations) and gave Tony an 8 out of 10, just because it wasn't totally sophisticated.

So some costume surprises, along with ‘bottom 3' and ‘going home' surprises for this week. What will next week bring?

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